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The E-commerce industry

Since the late 90s the eCommerce products have gained a strong momentum and within a decade it has turned into a full fledged industry churning out transactions worth billions of dollars today. With online shopping, banking, reservations, networking,socializing, etc. becoming a part of people’s lifestyle, ecommerce web development has had an unprecedented growth. With the marketing-selling-buying process timeframe window shrinking down to a matter of seconds, having a proper E-commerce infrastructure has become necessary.

Entities of a Good E-commerce System

If you plan to build an commerce software solution, it is advisable that you make sure that it has all the entities of a good e-commerce system. This requires a good ecommerce web development approach. Here are some of the entities that shouldn’t be missed:

Focused marketing

The website should be laid out properly. Navigating the website should be self-explanatory and the product or service offered should be easily accessible to the user. Proper focus on marketing would ensure a good customer attention and eventually result in sales.

Maximum information

The webpage should showcase all the information about the product or service that any potential buyer might be looking for. But having said that, you do not want to plainly put down chunks of textual information for the user to read. Provide maximum possible optimized information.

Easy payment gateways

Once the user has decided to purchase the product and perform the transaction, it comes down to the payment gateways. Going through the payment process should be easy, smooth and error free. A good ecommerce web design can help you achieve this in a way that is pleasing to the customer.

Secure environment

Since the entire operation involves real world monetary exchanges, security is of paramount importance. Highly sophisticated security systems consisting of modern encryption systems should be deployed in your product. Our ecommerce developers are well versed with the latest and most modern security solutions being deployed in the websites today.

Encouraging experience

The entire experience of the whole e-commerce process should be intuitive and pleasing to the user. It should encourage the user to browse more and use the service again or purchase more products, hence resulting in increased sales. This calls for a well thought ecommerce website designing skills.

E-commerce Web Development at Elan

We have been working on e-commerce related projects since past several years and have established ourselves as a strong and reliable ecommerce website development company. Over the years, they’ve mastered the art of developing cutting-edge e-commerce websites and e-commerce web apps. Elan’s e-commerce web development team is well talented to design and develop sustainable e-commerce products for today’s business demands. We’ve successfully built e-commerce solutions for popular domains like

  • Online banking
  • Retail shopping
  • Tickets booking
  • Product/service subscriptions
  • Social networking

E-commerce is an ever changing and ever upgrading entity with better standards and techniques coming up quite frequently. You need experts to design e-commerce solutions for you and no one can do that better for you than Elan. Call us and get the best consulting services.