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This culture of developing websites with a content management system in the background has gained a lot of prominence in recent years. It is a perfect concept for businesses who require a website that can be updated easily and it also works as a perfect fit for websites from other genres like news portals, social networking portals, forums, blogs, etc.

There are various popular content management systems available today that can be readily used and easily customized as per an individual’s requirement. This has boosted the CMS development in general to a great extent generating several alternatives like Joomla Development, WordPress Development, Magento Development, Drupal Development, etc. Each of these constitute a particular CMS that is different from other in some way. The structure it offers, the customization options it offers differ from one type of CMS to other. Thus, choosing the correct CMS for your website is a major decision.

We at Elan offer end-to-end CMS development solutions related to WordPress and Drupal. These two CMSs offer incredible potential to build amazing websites. It offers the admin or the manager of the website great power to manage several components of his website with great ease. Take a look at what do we have to offer in WordPress development and Drupal Development.

WordPress Development

Ever since it started in around 2003-04, WordPress has transformed itself into the world’s most popular blogging platform and a content management system. Today, WordPress Web designing and development companies can fully customize the WordPress CMS and create beautiful websites as per the requirements of their clients. WordPress today hosts millions of websites and this has triggered Web development of WordPress websites and thus today it constitute a major part of website development services in general.

WordPress Development at Elan

2logy has been a leading WordPress web development company since its inception. We truly understand the importance of having a good and strong team of WordPress developers. Our WordPress web developers are well versed with every expression of WordPress development that is in practice today. We can confidently accomplish a WordPress based project and offer our clients a premium quality WordPress web development service with elegant design and brilliant layout. We can help you with any type of WordPress web development requirements that you have. Our commonly offered WordPress website design and development solutions include:

  • A personal blog, or a photo, or video blog.
  • A simple corporate website for marketing purposes.
  • A professional showcase of a portfolio.
  • An interactive website for a community.
  • A regularly updating website for a magazine or news forum.

These and other types of WordPress web development projects as well are also taken care of at Elan. Developing a website in WordPress has several advantages. Check out the benefits of selecting WordPress as your CMS:

Simplicity & flexibility

It is extremely easy to manage your website using WordPress. Also, the customization options are limitless, so you can flexibly mold the CMS as per your requirements.

Great to design

Excellent options are available in web themes and also beautiful, ready-to-use website templates are available for WordPress websites.

SEO friendly

Setting up your WordPress website for SEO is very easy. The structure of the WordPress websites is brilliantly set up to accommodate SEO techniques and make the websites easier to locate in search engines. Plenty of WordPress based SEO tools available solves the majority of your SEO requirements.

Extensive plugins

The pool of plugins available for WordPress websites is huge. Be it any popular or even a less popular module, chances are that there would be a ready-to-use plugin available for that.

Easy installation & upgrades

Setting up your website and your FTP structure is a matter of minutes and upgrading your website in the future and adding new features is so easy that you’ll be amazed at the capabilities of WordPress.

Drupal Development

Web Development with Drupal

Drupal has been around for more than a decade. Over this period it has consistently evolved and upgraded itself to help people build stronger and sophisticated websites in the very short time. The content management system offered by Drupal is very powerful and user friendly. It has a perfect architecture that lets the Drupal developers develop simple websites, single or multi-user blogs, community websites, networking forums, etc. You can develop wonderful and interactive websites with Drupal CMS as their backbone, on which users can share content.

Get Your Drupal Based Website Developed at Elan

At Elan, we’ve been firmly pursuing web development using Drupal’s CMS for past several years. Our Drupal Developers are well balanced and well experienced to best use the strengths of Drupal and develop websites for our clients. It has made us proud in calling ourselves as a strong Drupal consulting company. We’ve accomplished several projects successfully building websites powered with Drupal customization abilities.

Drupal websites are easy to use and manage. Thanks to the Drupal Core, which has become more and more powerful with its every new version. Today there are so many popular modules available in the core to directly set them up and use it on the website. Here are the advantages of using Drupal as a CMS for a website:

  • Over 22,000 modules available ready to use.
  • Supports wide range of content management options.
  • User permissions & management can be customized .
  • The page content management in Drupal is super flexible.
  • The Drupal community is huge and very interactive.

These advantages and the features of Drupal make it an ideal CMS solution for several websites from different domains.

Drupal’s CMS

The publishing platform of Drupal is the most amazing thing about it. It lets you manage your website and the content in a very easy manner. These points mentioned below would explain that point better

Organize & Administer

The Drupal CMS lets you manage your content as per your convenience and offers wonderful user management options. You can create lists and sections to handle your content as you want and set up users with different permissions as per your choice.

Collaborate & Connect

The website built using Drupal’s CMS has wonderful tools for sharing and connecting socially with other websites and internet users. It welcomes other users to share their content on your website and lets you interact with other portals using lots of widely used sharing techniques.

Design & Display

There are lots of web templates & design themes readily available that are customized specifically for Drupal based websites. This helps Drupal development firms a lot in getting the right design easily and quickly.

There is a lot more to Drupal than that meets the eye a good and experienced Drupal web development company like ourselves can do wonders to your website using Drupal. Contact us to know more and get a free quote on getting your Drupal website from the best Drupal web development team.