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Emerging Technologies

E-learning softwares

Interactive Learning

One of the benefits of e-learning is that you can make the education process as communal and hands-on as is necessary to portray your message. Whether it’s a short course for staff training, or a lengthy online course for an indepth topic, we have the capability and resources to create an incredible e-learning application.

Education and e-Learning Related Applications

Grading and Assessment

Learning is one thing, but the ability to recall and use what you are learning is entirely another. Along with the teaching side of our e-learning applications, we also have appropriate grading and assessment systems to quiz participants on their new found knowledge.

Elan technologies is an India based well-reputed web, mobile and education applications development company that provides E-learning solutions to various educational institutes and companies. Elan’s Learning Management System is completely effective and gives quick assessments. Our E-learning Application Development services are highly affordable. Our expertise team carry out e-learning mobile apps development & programming for mobile learning solutions, mobile elearning development & services, e-learning mobile application development and so on.

Timing Statistics

Many educators want to track the amount of time students are spending on individual activities or content pages. With advanced timing calculators built in to our e-learning applications – you can gauge the importance of each page (slide) – whilst running time regulated activities, tests, and exams.

Teacher Feedback

One of the downfalls that many students cite with e-learning is the lack of teacher input and availability. After all, if you’ve got a question – putting your hand up won’t get you anywhere. To get around this, we’ve built in feedback and support mechanisms to fulfil the role of a real-life tutor.


No Stone Left Unturned

When we are tasked with designing your school management software – we literally leave no stone unturned. Expect plenty of questions as we involve you in the design and planning stages of the project. The end result is always an appropriate representation of your schools’ needs.

Mobile Learning Solutions

Student and Pupil Management

Over time, most educational institutions develop their own unique ways of dealing with the task of student management. Because of this – a generic software solution will not do the trick. Our team is on hand not only to programme and code, but also to establish exactly what it is that you want and need.

Learning Management System

Grading, Reporting, Scheduling

Many schools use two separate applications for pupil management and grading. Instead of increasing difficulty, why not consider an all-inclusive software package. We can design grading, report generating, and class schedule modules as part of the overall student management system.

Higher Standards

All of our scripting and coding is modern – utilizing the latest in programming standards. We known you’ll be impressed with the speed and reliability of our school management applications.

A+ For Ease

Handling thousands of students is already a tough task. Therefore, you need a software program which works in harmony with you and your staff. Thankfully, Elan Technologies know exactly how to create this harmonious software environment.