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Since last 5 years, the world of internet has seen a paradigm shift in the design and construction of web pages and web based products. HTML5 is no longer a markup language used just to create web pages. Today, using HTML5, we can create HTML5 mobile apps, HTML5 web apps and several other related products.

HTML5 has harnessed the capabilities of its predecessors and transformed into a web development tool with amazing superpowers. It allows us to create web pages that are dynamic enough to house rich media content, while still remaining light-weight to be user friendly to the audience coming from mobile devices. It also allows us to create mobile apps, web apps, and several other contemporary web tools. There is absolutely no doubt that HTML5 is here to stay for a long game and whatever happens to the websites and web apps tomorrow, they’ll definitely have HTML5 backing them up.

HTML5 development at Elan

Thanks to the potential and versatile nature of HTML5, we at Elan have inculcated HTML5 development into a variety of different disciplines. From developing highly responsive websites to developing mobile apps, there’s lots happening at Elan using HTML5. Here are some of the services that we offer that include HTML5 development:

  • Responsive websites.
  • Mobile apps using Sencha Touch & Javascript.
  • PhoneGap based mobile app development.
  • Web app development using HTML5 & CSS3
  • Developing plug-ins for mobile browsers as well as desktop browsers.

There is a lot more that can be done with HTML5. The possibilities are endless and it encourages the developers and designers to push the envelope and come up with an awe-inspiring product.

Advantages of using HTML5 development

Having mentioned earlier that HTML5 is powerful update to its predecessors that allows us to develop and design web pages and mobile apps like never before. It has added several new features and functions under its hood. Check out some amazing advantages that your product can get by adapting HTML5:

Smart interfaces

Design simpler yet smarter interfaces with tightly linked videos and drag-and-drop functionalities.

Superior compatibility

Forget about plugin disability or requiring to download Flash or Silverlight plug-ins.

Using Geo-location

This is one of the major factors pushing HTML5 in the Mobile development region. It has allowed us to use the Geo-location in a variety of useful ways.

Easy to use

Things like supportive plug-ins, better client-server communication, better graphics & animations, etc. make HTML5 enabled products very easy to use among users.

Better offline storage

Save on the unnecessary data exchanges with the server and offer the users better surfing experience.

To explore these and other advantages of HTML5, get in touch with our representative today and know how HTML5 can help you make your product better. Give us a call right away.