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Emerging Technologies

Mapping Application Development

2nd Generation Mapping

Any map can show you where to go – but very few maps can recommend which route to take based on predetermined information. For example – are you driving or walking? Most maps won’t account for this. But with our second generation mapping software, you’ll get a personalised recommendation every time you travel.

GPS Software

Turn Left, Turn Right

Ahh yes – the automated GPS voice. Some people love it, some people hate it. But the fact is that it’s not the voice directing you… it’s the accuracy of the mapping software underneath. Whilst our focus is well and truly on intelligent mapping – we can certainly accommodate the automated voice feature if you wish.

At Elan technologies we provide effective Map application development and GPS Apps services that are helpful in integrating your business processes. We have been into development of mapping applications since 2005. Our map application programming team is dedicated and experienced and ensures that our clients get success in their business ventures.

Route Charting

Should your driver take the shortest, or the quickest route? Is the shortest route also the quickest? During peak hour traffic, is there another route which steers clear of the bumper to bumper jams? Our mapping software will answer all of these questions (and more) for you.


Vehicle Tracking

If you run a company which relies on accurate vehicle plotting (i.e. a courier company or a taxi service), our mapping and navigation development could be perfect for you. Contact us to discuss how vehicle tracking could be incorporated in to your mapping program.