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Connecting Staff & Management

A company intranet or portal is a great way to encourage interaction by staff on all levels. News, updates, policy changes, and individual staff successes can be celebrated in an interwoven sphere in the cloud.

Secure and Fast

If you choose to allow access to your corporate portal from inside your company network only – the intranet is automatically secured against outsiders. We can therefore facilitate the sharing of sensitive work information, with no chance of outside eyes getting a glance.

At Elan we provide Corporate Intranet and Portal and Intranet development solutions. With our expertise in Workflow development, we provide various portal development services that includes Sharepoint portal development and E-commerce portal.

Collaborative Advance

Many businesses have now found additional uses for their corporate intranets. We can ensure that staff outside the office can log in to download files, tasks, and briefs – without the need to travel back to the office.

File Management

Keep track of important files and allow staff to download special company forms from the corporate intranet. This is the perfect area to promote administrative efficiencies – instead of constantly bogging down the secretary.


Sharepoint Services

Arguably the most powerful web portal software out there, Microsoft Sharepoint provides the building blocks for a successful, interactive web presence. Benefiting most from Sharepoint will be large organizations and companies which do not currently have an interactive web presence.

Sharepoint Implementation

If you’re currently running Windows Server 2003 or 2008 but have not had the Sharepoint module installed – speak to our experts today to get this new software bundle up and running.

Sharepoint Customization

Installation is one thing, but getting the incredible features included in the Sharepoint module to run properly and error-free is another thing entirely. Thankfully, we have plenty of experience with Sharepoint service integration and management – so speak to us today about how we can help.