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With over 200 million websites being powered by PHP, it is apparent that PHP has gained a significant foothold in the field of web development in the last decade. Be it making simple websites or developing server side components, PHP has proven its ability in all the fronts of web development. The introduction of PHP’s frameworks has been a like a blessing for PHP web development companies. Now our PHP developers can develop rich and powerful web pages very comfortably. While it helps in developing web pages with a lot of content in them, it keeps the web page lightweight in operations making it suitable for today’s web surfing and content consuming demands. The frameworks also impart PHP its versatile nature making it the best option for PHP Application development or PHP web development.

The Benefits of Choosing PHP

Robust frameworks

Regularly updated libraries and frameworks keeps PHP web developers right at the forefront of today’s web development.

Vast community

Being popular among the PHP development companies and being a strong platform for web development since years, it has a very big community of web developers contributing and sharing with each other.

Easy Integrations

Tons of 3rd party products can be very easily integrated into your PHP web application or website. All of them offer very easy APIs that can be integrated easily during the process of PHP web development.

CMS Facilities

Having strong and rich frameworks enable us in developing custom-made, powerful content management systems for different businesses. Several amazing options like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are easily available.

Flexibly Scalable

The PHP products are very easily scalable. Whenever you wish to extend the features of your product, it is very easy using PHP, thanks to its object-oriented, procedural approach of writing code.

PHP Web Development at Elan

At Elan, our committed team of PHP developers executes wide range of projects for different clients with variety of different requirements. We’ve developed and deployed products ranging from simple websites to full scale server based web apps. Here are some of the types of projects related to PHP website development and PHP web application development that we’ve undertaken so far:

  • Corporate websites for marketing.
  • Office management web apps for professionals and service providers.
  • Social networking portals.
  • Web sites offering extended customer services.
  • Cloud based web apps.
  • E-commerce based websites and web apps.
  • Custom made CMS solutions for internal management.
  • Blogs, forums & other admin control based websites.
  • Subscription portals and business exchange systems.
  • POI systems and financial management web apps.

A good website or a good web app built using PHP can help your ways in unimaginable ways. We at Elan can provide you with right consulting advice and get you the right web presence for your business. Give us a call today and get a free quote for your PHP website and a web app.