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“Anything else today, Ma’am?”

If your business offers a number of different products or services – how do you know whether or not a current client is interested in a secondary purchase? With a functional CRM application – client profiling can help you to add value to your existing client database.

CRM Software Consulting

It’s Not Complicated

There’s nothing worse than buying a software program that you simply can’t (or don’t know how to) use. Our CRM applications can be designed specifically to work with existing company software infrastructure – keeping the learning curve short and flat.

Elan is a CRM development company that offers wide range of CRM solutions and creates various CRM apps. Our range of CRM services includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions, CRM software development, CRM intergration and Sugar CRM customization. With our CRM services we allow our clients to take customer relationship management’s benefits.

Client Analytics

Our ‘Client Analytics’ module offers incredible depth when it comes to client management. By interweaving the analytics capabilities throughout the entire sales, marketing, and service streams – you’ll have vital data on hand to help you plan for the future.

Integrated Help Desk

Another feature we can incorporate in to CRM solutions is a customer service module. This add-on tracks “after sales” service, and ensures that customers aren’t left out in the cold following their purchase. Valuable? You bet it is.