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Silverlight – Flex – AJAX

These are the three main platforms available for rich Internet app design. Each has its own pros and cons, so we’ll be sure to evaluate your needs before recommending one or the other. Whatever platform choice you make – you can rest assured that we are more than capable of working with that particular selection.

Microsoft Silverlight Framework

This relatively new coding framework has quickly become known for its ability to aggregate graphics, animation, multimedia, and interactivity – all in to a single runtime instance. Currently on Version 4, Silverlight continues to be a modern favourite for complex, sophisticated, demanding web apps which would previously have been resource hungry and draining.

Adobe Flex

An open source, cross-platform coding framework based around Adobe Flash, this programming kit allows for a range of enhancements over and above a simple flash application. Flex allows for a greater ability to present and view data, and is most useful in the development of business web apps.

Advanced Advancement

The scope of a rich Internet app is virtually unlimited. Just look at web based applications such as Google Docs and Xero. The bottom line is that if you can imagine it – we can code it for the web.

At Elan we are a Rich Internet application (RIA) development, Silverlight Programming, AJAX development and Silverlight application development company. Our team of Silverlight developers have intense expertise in Microsoft Silverlight technology and have developed a number of interactive applications for our customers.We Offer Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Design and RIA Development Services.

Business Apps

Rich web apps for business play a fundamental role in many organisations nowadays. However, it’s often difficult to launch new web apps in to the business market. With our base of contacts – we can assist with rich app marketing and promotion throughout many industries and groups.

App Upgrades and Maintenance

A massive benefit of web based apps is that upgrades and maintenance can be done and implemented with the push of a button. If you’re planning on-going development, a rich Internet app is definitely the most convenient and functional option.

Clever Coding

There’s a direct correlation between coding knowledge and application reliability. Here at Elan Technologies – our tech experts are specially trained in both Silverlight and Flex to ensure that your web apps use the latest and greatest coding techniques and features.


Dynamic Planning

Planning the development of your web app is arguably the most important aspect of web app design and execution. Our concrete planning process ensures that no stone is left unturned.