How iOS App Development is Going To Be Different in 2014

With the iOS7 update, Apple has taken a step in a new direction. The Apple post Steve Jobs is learning to adapt and the massively successful launch of the iOS7 is proof that the popularity of the Apple devices is not going down any time soon. iOS app development will be redefined with the new […]

Mobile Apps Related to Social Networking Software Development in Vogue Today

With the economy hitting a downturn, businesses now look to adopt cost-effective operational models without compromising on the quality of services offered to their customers. Today, every business is trying to devise alternative methods through which it can boost its revenue. Businesses today are looking to streamline their various levels of collaboration and communication with […]

The Increasing Popularity of Travel Mobile App Development

Today, smartphone applications have positively affected various industries. One such industry to be impacted, by the emergence of smartphones and its apps, is the travel and tourism industry. In this industry there are several travel agents serving their clients. The core task of any travel agency is to assist their clients in planning their trips […]

The Truth About Real Estate App Development

The real estate market is warming up to the use of social media and several app developers now build apps for the thriving real estate market. Today, real estate agents as well as brokers increasingly use portable devices like tablets, phablets and even smart phones to pitch for new clients, give presentations to prospects, or […]

The Revolutionary Nature of Healthcare Application Development Services

The healthcare sector has truly been revolutionized by the rise of mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and phablets. Various healthcare companies have conducted research on the increasing dependence of healthcare industry on mobile platforms. According to their research, mobile based platforms have reinvigorated the vast medical industry and also have brought a drastic change […]

Why do we need MLM Apps?

Today, multi-level-marketing, popularly known as MLM, has gained ground owing to the opening of economy to new business models. MLM software is essential for the smooth functioning of any network marketing business. Presently, the network marketing businesses are facing stiff competition and a right networking marketing software can provide the much needed impetus to the […]

New iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

On 10th of September, Apple launched the much awaited editions of iPhones. For the first time ever they introduced not one but two models of iPhones together with a view of capturing wide range of users. Both the models didn’t come out quite as a surprise like their earlier predecessors mainly because the models had […]

Efficient Fashion Apps Can Work Well for Your Brand

Application development for Fashion industry has come of age with a slew of wonderful new apps for both, the iOS and the Android platform. Many app development companies, who are ready to take advantage of the trend of sleek and useful fashion apps for fashion lovers, have come up in recent times. Some fashion apps […]

Why Do You Need Automobile Apps Development Services

Effective and efficient automobile application development services help in aiding automobiles with several additional features, like helping the drivers to navigate and plan their routes accordingly, check the traffic conditions, keep track of weather, etc. With the latest trends and versions of different mobile platforms, it has become essential for companies to opt for vendors […]

The Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan Festival Celebrations!

August 17, 2013 – It was a rollicking week for Elan Emerging Technologies as each of its members celebrated the Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan festival with enthusiasm and vigour. Each of the team members had fun and made merry amidst their busy schedule. A monsoon fest event was initiated for the entire Elan family […]