New iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

On 10th of September, Apple launched the much awaited editions of iPhones. For the first time ever they introduced not one but two models of iPhones together with a view of capturing wide range of users. Both the models didn’t come out quite as a surprise like their earlier predecessors mainly because the models had already been leaked by certain news websites and blogs and secondly because of the main complain that people have been having with Apple lately – innovation. None of the two models offered anything radically new that left everyone awestruck. But nonetheless, there were a couple of things that people loved about the new iPhones.

iPhone 5C
This model has been introduced specifically keeping the cost effectiveness in mind. With iPhone 5C Apple will be targeting those countries where iPhone’s is still an object of luxury. This model has a 4-inch screen and a polycarbonate (Apple’s first plastic iPhone) body at the back. The screen is smaller than their last introduced, now defunct, iPhone 5 but has the same processor – A6. This means that processing on iPhone 5C is going to be blazing fast.

Everything else remains pretty much the same but one new thing worth noticing is the iPhone 5C covers that Apple has introduced with it. After the success of Smart Cover that Apple introduced for its iPads, these were the first covers made for iPhones. The iPhone 5C is available in 6 colors and the covers are available in 7 different colors giving us dozens of combinations. While the glossy polycarbonate back looks good, it remains to be seen how it appears actually in hand with or without its covers.

The question that this iPhone 5C proposes now is, why would someone buy an iPod touch? Its almost the same price segment, plus people who love colors can no longer be restricted from buying an iPhone, and it offers almost everything that iPod Touch does. The USP of iPod touch is gone! Will iPhone 5C cannibalize the iPod Touch?

iPhone 5S
This model was introduced as a powerful successor to their iPhone 5. Shape and size remain unchanged while something new was noticed. Apple brakes its old shackles of 2 color ideology and introduces a 3rd color option – the golden iPhone 5S. It has been observed that in their premium products apple didn’t fidget too much with colors. You either had white colored option or a black/gray colored option. Be it iPhones or iPads. You never had a 3rd choice. But now, Apple introduced a 3rd option – a golden colored iPhone. While no specific reason has been found out behind this shift from legacy it can certainly be noted that things are changing inside Apple. It is no longer the company that Steve Jobs ran and thus, probably even we should change our expectations towards it.

Apple made 3 major enhancements in their new iPhone 5S. The first major change was the Touch ID – the fingerprint sensor on the home button that scans your fingerprint. It helps you in unlocking the phone without swiping on the screen and it also allows the user to authenticate the purchases on App Store and iTunes while purchasing apps and music. It is a very cool feature indeed and works like a charm. This is that Apple factor that has garnered a humongous and loyal fan following across the world. It lets you have something on your phone that no other phone users have!

The second major change in the iPhone 5S is the upgrades that were made in camera and flash. Apple has increased the aperture area by 15% which enables them to have a bigger focus area and sharper pixels. This, according to them, enables the users to capture much sharper pictures. Along with that they’ve introduced a dual color range flash. The color of flash will vary from white to amber based on the ambience of the surroundings. This lets you have clear pictures even in dim lighting and it helps in setting proper skin-tones, giving users more realistic images. There are several other changes in the camera that will be happening in the background as well like capturing multiple photos and then selecting the sharpest image of all, the burst mode, etc. This upgrade might not quite raise eyebrows but it would certainly please Apple’s fan-boys who are enthusiastic about taking pictures with their iPhones.

The 3rd and the last major change was the new 64-bit architecture from the 32-bit architecture along with their new A7 processor. This is going to raise the bar of mobile processing to a whole new level. This is entering the desktop processing spectrum and when Apple does it, it is going to be pretty amazing for sure! As they displayed in their keynote, the new version of Infinity Blade game looked mind blowing on the new iPhone 5S. This would leave all the competitors behind in processing power. Along with their new A7 processor chip, they’ve introduced a new M7 motion-processor chip specifically for detecting the motions of the phone. To utilize its power, Apple has introduced a new CoreMotion API with it. Using this API, developers would be able to make workout apps, and lifestyle apps like never before, because with this new dedicated processor apps would be able to detect when the user is walking, running, sleeping, etc. It will detect all user habits and allow the API to be used in the apps. This should be a huge leap in fitness apps for sure.
So, this is what was introduced by Apple on 10th of September.