3 Popular Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development Tools That You Shouldn’t Miss

Choosing a platform for mobile apps is a tough question that often comes up while deciding to develop a mobile app. The solution depends on the target audience and goals you have in mind while developing the application or alternatively develop using Cross Platform Technologies. Cross Platform technologies help developers to develop an application using […]

Mobile Development : Cross Platform Technologies

In the previous post we discussed the pros and cons of using the Native development environments for developing mobile apps. Let us take that discussion forward in this post. Just after the native development gained prominence, some other software development frameworks started to surface up in the field of Mobile apps development. These were the […]

Mobile Development : Native Platforms

Ever since smartphone app development became a mainstream trend back in 2010, there have been various interesting developments on the apps development front. Initially, Apple’s iOS attracted the developers worldwide and a lot of programmers worldwide started developing apps for Apple’s iTunes App Store. Later came Google’s Android and its apps and they’ve been providing […]

Information security & Importance – III

How software security is different from software quality? The objective of software quality and software security is same: to ensure that software behave in dependable manner despite presence of unfavorable circumstances. The difference can be characterized in terms of failure motivations to whichever property is desired. Quality related faults are unintentional or accidental however security […]

Information security & Importance – Part II

Driving Factors for Software Security Many managers have the misconception that they test everything before software is delivered. They believe that firewall and SSL are perfect protective mechanisms for their applications. Many feel that if automated scanners are used to detect security problems, it will cover all security issues and the software can remain secure […]

Information Security & Importance – Part I

Information is a business asset and has a value. It can exist in paper, electronic, audio or video format. Earlier, information used to be managed using manual processes. However with the advent of computers and networks; information is managed using electronic means. Software becomes a tool for users to create, acquire, process, store, transfer, retrieve, […]

Whats New with Titanium 3.1 ?

Performance Optimization Appcelerator spent significant amount of time optimizing the core architecture of Titanium, and focusing on object creation, window creation, image usage and other key areas with broad applicability. For these integral pieces: iOS apps will run on average 20% faster over our 3.0.0 release. Android apps will run on average 36% faster over […]

Appcelerator Cloud Service (ACS)

Why ACS ? In this era of mobile applications, there are lots of people wanting to develop mobile applications. Most of the mobile applications share some common functionalities that require server to store the data. Appcelerator Cloud Service is the best solution for those clients who want applications with some server integration and server backup […]

Why are Mobile Applications Necessary in Business Today?

There are much talk of the importance of mobile applications for businesses and how it can really help managers handle the workload. Is there any truth how important these applications are to businesses today? These are some of the main reasons why mobile applications have become a necessity in businesses worldwide today. Mobile Applications helps […]

Increasing Need For Educational App Is The Best News For iOS Developers

The rise in the number of students using iPad’s educational purpose is the reason for growing demand for quality iPad applications that can easily integrate with key curriculum concepts, while keeping the student interested and excited. Students what apps that are fun and intuitive. Innovative and designers will be taking their cues from their computer […]