Information security & Importance – III

How software security is different from software quality? The objective of software quality and software security is same: to ensure that software behave in dependable manner despite presence of unfavorable circumstances. The difference can be characterized in terms of failure motivations to whichever property is desired. Quality related faults are unintentional or accidental however security […]

Information security & Importance – Part II

Driving Factors for Software Security Many managers have the misconception that they test everything before software is delivered. They believe that firewall and SSL are perfect protective mechanisms for their applications. Many feel that if automated scanners are used to detect security problems, it will cover all security issues and the software can remain secure […]

Information Security & Importance – Part I

Information is a business asset and has a value. It can exist in paper, electronic, audio or video format. Earlier, information used to be managed using manual processes. However with the advent of computers and networks; information is managed using electronic means. Software becomes a tool for users to create, acquire, process, store, transfer, retrieve, […]