The Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan Festival Celebrations!

August 17, 2013 – It was a rollicking week for Elan Emerging Technologies as each of its members celebrated the Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan festival with enthusiasm and vigour. Each of the team members had fun and made merry amidst their busy schedule.

A monsoon fest event was initiated for the entire Elan family in which many members of the company participated. A Flag Competition was held on the 15th of August in which every player will had to create the best flag design and patterns amongst everyone.  Each of the participants presented their own version of the Indian flag connoting its values and other symbols in the right manner.

Similarly, to commemorate the upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival, Elan members participated in the Rakhi-making competition which was held on the 16th of August. All of them created exquisite rakhis which were embellished with beads, artificial flowers, and other elements. One could see the best rakhis ever on display, owing to the creativity and talent of the Elan professionals.

Next, a singing competition was held in which singers had to sing their favourite patriotic songs, peppy songs and other melodious songs which they preferred. It was a fun-filled event in which the best participants sang in the right scale, rhythm and melody to win the best prize of the event. It was a perfect showcase of talent that Elan professionals had within themselves.

The Elan HR team is keen to organize many such events in the future with the fantastic response they received for this event.