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Point of sale system

Fast, Efficient, Stable

If it’s time to upgrade your point of sale software – let Elan Technologies take the hard work off your shoulders. We can develop a fast, reliable and time efficient software application to handle all of your day to day customer-based transactions – and implement it with zero downtime.

point of sale software

Ebay Auction Listings

Selling online is a vital income medium for many businesses. However, when it comes to listing stock, manual submission to sites such as Ebay can be tedious and repetitive. Talk to us about our Ebay Auction Listing software – which can handle all aspects of online stock management for you.


Accept Visa but not American Express? Additional charge when paying by credit card? Maybe a discount for cash payments? Don’t let your software dictate your business. You decide the policy, and we create a software program based totally on your needs.

Retail Data Backup

Let’s face it – sometimes technology fails us. Systems crash and data can be lost. Thankfully, a bit of advanced thinking (such as incorporating an automated daily backup in to your POS system) could save you time and money down the track.



Table Integration & Order Execution

Regardless of the size of your eatery, Elan Technologies can develop a fully integrated table management system specifically for you. From wireless ordering through to comprehensive meal statistics, our software gives you everything you need to impress your guests with simplicity and speed.

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Unlimited Tables, Setups, Menu Items

From small 5 table boutiques through to large scale restaurants, we can develop a software solution down to the finest detail. Seating and restaurant charts can be built in – creating an easier to use interface. Menu items can vary depending on time and day. You order it, we’ll deliver.

best point of sale system

Integrated Payment Processing

The latest and greatest in payment processing is not more, but rather – less. Set up your restaurant to accept any payment method and allow the software to automatically adjust, discount, or categorize a payment – based on the guests preferences.

At Elan we are a Point of Sale software development company having experience in developing POS system and retail point of sale software that is useful for retail stores and other various small businesses.

Fast Checkout

With simple, clean coding, our hospitality applications are fast, reliable and intuitive. Don’t get lost in a myriad of features. Let our software do the hard work whilst you spend more time focusing on the customer.

Discounts & Bill Splitting

There’s nothing worse than having to find a calculator to split the bill 7 ways. Allow your guests to choose their payment model and trust that whatever they pick, your Elan Technologies restaurant application will accurately calculate the individual bills.