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Mobile Banking Solutions

Mobile Banking & Finance

Whether you’re transferring money between company accounts or making a payment to your credit card, mobile banking apps have come a long way since their inception. With security the major focus, we can not only create such apps, but work to make all mobile apps compatible with financial transactions.

online payment solutions

Mobile Ticketing & Delivery

These days, it’s not unusual for people to buy apps, programs, tickets, and subscriptions through their mobile devices. Allow your customers the flexibility to do so with seamless apps and technology built by us – specifically for the occasion.

Since 2005, Elan technologies is leading the way in mobile ecommerce and today has been recognized as one of the most trusted companies when it comes to mobile commerce services. Elan’s mobile banking application helps users in efficiently managing their finances, including transferring funds and checking balances.

Information Services

Information can be sold for high prices – especially information which helps consumers to save money (or improve their lifestyle). With content delivery through mobile devices, why not take full advantage and allow buying and selling of information with custom apps also?

Mobile Advertising

Nothing will sell if consumers don’t know anything about it! The same is true for almost all products available through a mobile device. Talk to us about having your products / services listed on the Android Market (or App Store) – for greater exposure.