Why Multi Store E-commerce?

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Central Store Management

When multiple web stores are launched, you’ll want to be able to manage them from a central location. Instead of updating the same field, variable, or code twice (hugely time consuming) for many stores, a central store control panel can manage any number of stores from one location.

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Magento Store or Custom Development

In some cases, your sales models could make the use of Magento Commerce (a powerful multiple store management package) very useful. Other times, however, nothing short of complete custom design will be appropriate. Whatever is necessary – you can rest assured that we are equipped with the best tools to assist.

Elan technologies is an India based Magento e-commerce development and Offshore Magento developement company that has been working on Magento since its emergence in 2008. Our team of Magento developers provide magento web design and shopping cart development services at affordable rates.

Shared Store Services

Multiple stores should be able to share common functionality – such as payment processing, back-end, and customer service modules. If your existing store software doesn’t cooperate, or if you’re looking to build from scratch – talk to us about integrating shared modules in to your web presence today.

No Fuss, Low Maintenance

We pride ourselves on building e-commerce solutions which are future-proofed and made to last. Our no fuss, low maintenance policy will save you both time and money in the long run – especially when it comes to upgrades or expansions.