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Integrating the Diverse Tools

With businesses transforming every day, a plethora of interned based, 3rd party software tools has emerged to help you better manage your business and various internal and external processes related to it. While these tools are individually great in reducing your burden and in making your business processes smooth, they are a real pain when they’re to coordinate with other 3rd party tools to work in unison. It is essential that all your business processes work in perfect sync and harmony. Otherwise you’ll be left with several different 3rd party systems working for your business without any coordination. Integrating these diverse tools is highly important and to do that you need a team that is well versed with the working of all these different tools.

3rd Party Software Integration Services at Elan

The development team at Elan has been working on variety of different 3rd party software services and has been providing integration services for all popular different tools widely used by businesses and individuals. Here is a brief summary of the 3rd party software integration services we’ve been providing to our clients:

  • Framework integrations like Buddypress, OS Commerce, MailChimp, BBpress, etc.
  • CRM Integrations like ZenDesk, ClickDesk, Zopim, etc.
  • Integrating Geo-location and conferencing APIs in web apps.
  • Advertising networks such as Google’s Adsense.
  • Integrating secure payment gateways using PayPal’s API, Google’s Checkout or credit card gateway for e-commerce products.

Apart from these, we provide 3rd party software integration solutions to various other apps. We’re always on our learning curve to keep ourselves updated, as new software tools are introduced or the existing ones are updated.

Things to Take Care of while integrating 3rd Party Software

The process of 3rd party software integrations can be tricky if not pursued properly. There are some crucial points that need to be taken care of before starting the process. Here is a checklist of processes that Elan’s developers follow in order to ensure a smooth and seamless integration of any 3rd party tool:

  • Thorough analysis of existing system, features offered by 3rd party software tool & the areas of integration.
  • Opting for the best integration alternative to best suit the system’s existing structure.
  • Beta and trial runs to avoid tempering actual data and keep live users at bay from experiencing glitches.
  • Proper training provided to the users of the system, administrators along with due documentation to understand the upgraded system.
  • End-to-end executive support as well as technical support after the product is live and being used in the live system.

With Elan’s development team, you can rest assured that your system is in proper hands and it will be upgraded as per your expectations. Call us any day and talk to our representative regarding any 3rd party software tool that you wish to integrate in your system.