How To Manage Your Payments and Shipping

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Payment Automation Solutions

Payment Automation

Most businesses outsource their payment processing to a reliable third party – such as and Paypal. Following a successful transaction at one of these providers, an acceptance code is returned to your store script so that the order can be marked as paid. We’re able to set up your store to work with the 2 processors above.

Shopping Cart Integration Services

Shipping Control

Automated shipping modules are arguably more different to integrate in to e-commerce stores, because of the huge number of variables naturally involved with shipping. However – nothing is impossible. With a bit of hard work, we can accommodate DHL, UPS, and Fedex real-time shipping data in to your store front, order system, and order tracking back-end.

We at Elan technologies provide Shopping cart integration services that provide our clients with easy online check out and right shopping cart solutions.

Real Time Data

In the 21st century, there’s really no excuse for delayed information on parcel tracking, order status and so on. We’ll ensure that all data available to you and your customers is as up to date as possible in each and every area of your e-commerce site.

Central Management

Our payment and shipping management modules integrate directly in to your e-commerce back-end, regardless of which script you’re using. This means all shipping and payments controls are centralized and available together with your other administration functions.