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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management

Whether you’re looking to strategically control your inventory (run clearance sales, promotions, end-of-line sell-offs, etc) or feed back information to a production line (i.e. when stock of a product is getting low) – our inventory control e-commerce modules are flexible, useful, and extremely cost effective.

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Order Processing & Delivery

Rapid order flow and fast delivery are top demands from online shoppers (according to market research surveys) – so it’s always best to give special attention to this area. Seamless order flow can be achieved thanks to brilliant software customization and design. Delivery time estimation and tracking can also be built in to any e-commerce store.

Elan’s inventory management software offers a complete inventory management system for your organization. With our inventory software you can easily manage inventory levels and costs and at the same time can also improve customer service.

Existing Stores

Even if you already have an existing e-commerce store and are looking to restructure things behind the scenes – we’ll be happy to help. Just let us know what you want to achieve, and we’ll find an answer.

That’s Cheap!

Once customers recognize that your online store can be depended on for reliability and fast delivery, repeat customers will draw in more revenue. As time goes by, the costs of redesigning inventory and order management systems becomes very cheap indeed.