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Travel Guide

Travel Guide

Travel guide mobile application is a guide in true sense which makes travel enjoyable and gives you valuable information without exerting too much effort or money.


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My Recipe

My Recipe

Browse through thousands of top-rated recipes featuring mouth-watering pictures divided and reviewed by people from all over the world.


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The Beacon, NY Tourist Guide presented by SignPost Apps is a comprehensive guide to the Mid-Hudson town of Beacon, NY.


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Explore Cross-Platform development with Titanium

Appcelerator introduced a cross-platform mobile apps development portal called Titanium in 2008. Since then, it has been one of the most popular cross-platform development platform around. Thanks to its ever growing framework support and a rich community of developers, it has turned into a very powerful app development tool today. Within just 5 years of its introduction, there are more than 60,000 apps already created using Titanium and submitted to app stores of iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 8 platforms.

Appcelerator Phonegap Apps Development

Appcelerator Titanium

The most functional and reliable development package for cross-platform mobile app development currently available – no blueprint is too much for this. The bottom line is that if you can dream it, we can build it using Titanium. Apps can run on both iOS and Android Platforms with single source code base. Learn more about Appcelerator

We are Certified

Appcelerator Certified integration Partner        Titanium Certified App Developer

Why choose Titanium?

Quick building

Prototype version of the app, including the exterior look of the app is built very quickly within just few days.

Robust libraries & frameworks

A huge library of pre-coded material that helps in implementing common modules and functions in minutes.

Easy integration

Very fluid integration and build automation system for source control which makes deploying a new version a matter of just a few clicks.

Amazing analytics

Easy to integrate and very insightful analytics that help you get right into your users’ minds and understand their tendencies. Thus helping you to deliver a more customer friendly app.

Custom cloud based back-end

Configuring back-end for the apps using cloud services set up by Appcelerator makes having a server based apps a kids play.

Native-like UI controls

The native UI elements that Titanium offers will obliterate the differences between a natively developed app and an app developed using Titanium.

Titanium Development at Elan

  • At Elan Emerging Technologies, we have set up a dedicated team of developers working on Titanium ever since it was introduced.
  • We’ve worked on 50+ apps for Titanium and have completed them successfully.
  • All our developers are Appcelerator certified Titanium Developers and our company as well contains the certification as an official Titanium developer.
  • Extra emphasis is paid on the performance to match the native standards of respective platforms.
  • Modular development approach to ensure quick development cycles – leading to the completion of the project quickly.

Call us right away and introduce yourself to the wonders that Titanium can do for your app.