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Windows CE on Tablet PCs

Tablet computers are fundamentally different to normal PCs. They are usually a lot less hardware intensive, and therefore able to do less overall. With Windows CE, Microsoft has struck the perfect balance between technical sophistication and efficiency.

Windows CE Application Development

Development for Windows CE

Elan Technologies prides itself at being willing and able to code for all Microsoft Windows operating systems. Windows CE presents interesting opportunities for our clients – and we can help to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from app development for Windows CE.


window CE applications

Astonishing Convertibility

Already have an existing application running with another Windows operating system? It’s surprisingly easy to convert other Windows apps (especially Windows Mobile apps) for compatibility with Windows CE.


At Elan Technologies we have worked on various projects that can bring life to mobile applications. BY using Windows CE application we make sure that we provide efficient and innovative solutions to our clients. Our solutions are tailored on the base of experience we have for Windows CE Apps. Our experience in Windows CE Embedded development has been very helpful to our clients.

V7.0 – Coming Soon

Windows CE hasn’t been refreshed or updated for almost 4 years. Q4 2010 however marks a significant update to the OS. We’re expecting a flood of new devices to utilize the new CE 7.0 system – so we’re already future proofing any apps we design for the platform.


Flash Ready

Unlike a few other mobile / portable operating systems (we’re looking at you iOS!), Windows CE can and does provide compatibility with Adobe Flash. We’re more than happy to use Flash whilst designing your app for Windows CE (if you want us to).