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Mobile Apps: a new technological frontier

Since last 5 years, the phenomenon that has caught everyone’s attention is the rise of Mobile apps. They are everywhere and it has transformed the smartphone industry in numerous ways. All major corporate companies have come up with the mobile app versions of their software products. With billions of people using using smartphones every day, having a mobile presence in today’s times is extremely vital. To help you get a good mobile app, there are numerous mobile application development companies out there. But you need to pick the right one correctly.

Get your app and get it done right

While having a mobile app is extremely vital, it is also equally important to get the app done correctly and for that you need the right mobile application development company. There are several critical factors that need to be taken into proper consideration while developing mobile app. The type and category of your app need to be well sorted. The target audience should be well thought and the app should properly cater to them. The monetization strategy should be in accordance with your app’s purpose. There are other important things apart from these factors as well. You need to employ a proper team dedicated for each different mobile platform to get you your mobile app in a proper and correct way.

Mobile App Development Process at Elan

Since there are various different mobile apps that are being developed on different platforms, there are a lot of variable entities. But to keep things on track and maintain a constant progress, all apps are built using a structured process that each mobile app developer at Elan very sincerely abides by. It is a process that has been refined from time to time and has helped us accomplish hundreds of projects successfully. This process comprises of following steps:


Our process begins with studying the problem statement. The major focus is kept on how the mobile phone, on which it is going to be deployed, can be utilized up to its full potential to give our clients the best possible solution through the app. This brings us to our next step.


To ensure the simplicity in the designing and functioning of the app, a lot of brainstorming goes down while developing the wireframes and other functional documents for the app. This is where we our analysts and designers push the envelope to give you an awe-inspiring mobile app.


After thorough analysis and design, comes the most important stage of mobile application development – the construction of the app. Here, our team of experienced and talented mobile app developers writes the code for the app. We follow Agile Development approach and keep iterating our drafts until we get a perfect product.


Once the app development process completes, we come down to our penultimate and very crucial stage of our mobile apps development philosophy – testing and quality assurance. Thorough testing in an end-user like environment makes your app ready for deployment for real users to use.

Client Feedback

This is the most important step of the entire process and is attached with all 5 stages mentioned above. This allows us to have client’s views on each aspect of the project all the time. This also helps our clients a surety that the project is going on right track and keeps us on the same page with them all the time. So, during analysis, simplification, development & testing we have client’s views and feedback all the time with us. They are able to test the product at their end on their machines giving them the real feel. Once the project is completed and deployed successfully, we still remain in contact with the client, providing them a smooth transition from beta stage to going live.


Once it is cleared by the testing team, it is time for the app to be deployed and go live. We offer complete assistance in the deployment process for any platform. We publish your app in the respective app store. Thus we can call ourselves an end-to-end mobile app development company providing one-stop solutions related to mobile apps.

We also provide a post deployment warranty for 3 months to rectify if anything goes wrong in the app while it is live. We’re confident that you’d be thrilled with our Mobile app development services. Be it an iPhone app, or an Android app, or a Windows app, or a Blackberry app, we can do all! Contact us with your project’s requirements and we will get you an amazing mobile application developed at the best quote for you.