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Rackspace CloudU Certified

Rackspace CloudU Certified

The Next Generation of Servers

Cloud computing is being considered as the next big phenomenon in the tech world. It has been around for quite some time but it wasn’t accepted as a mainstream solution for back-end servers or data storage until recently. Right from small entrepreneurs to the multi-national enterprises, everyone is embracing cloud computing as the ultimate solution. This is a result of some very good advantages that traditional in-house servers couldn’t provide. With the consumption and creation of data increasing at rates of petabytes and concepts like Big Data and cluster management coming up, cloud computing seems to be the right choice to move on with.

Get Your Cloud Server Setup Done by Elan

With local, in-house servers breathing their last days, almost all companies are moving their IT infrastructure to a cloud based server. But the process of getting started with a cloud based server and setting it up right is not an easy job. It needs to be done right by a team with the proper expertise. If not don’t correctly, it can result in a loss of the data of the entire system. So, it is critically important that proper consulting followed by thorough analysis followed by systematic process execution is carried out in order to set up a cloud based server. Elan has been providing full scale services related to cloud computing server setup. Our team of engineers analyzes the business requirements, prepares an action plan and then based on the requirements of your project they set up a cloud based server for your company. Check out the advantages that you receive by working with Elan:

  • Setting up a new cloud based server in a very short duration.
  • If you have an existing in-house server, then our team ensures a smooth and flexible transition over to cloud server.
  • Thorough analysis and reports generated before starting the cloud architecture setup.
  • Proper backup and restoration facilities to avoid any data loss calamities.
  • Low-cost setup helps you cut down on the expenses.
  • Proper tech support and training provided with the package to help you best utilize the system.

Elan provides cloud server setup services on following technologies:

  • Rackspace cloud server setup.
  • Amazon cloud server setup.

We can help your company by providing customized cloud based solutions that best suits your company’s requirements. Our team of cloud server configuration specialists has been doing this for quite some time now and are in a good position to handle any client project.

Get in touch with our representative and get a free quote for setting up your cloud server right away.

What is Cloud Computing

Our Cloud based apps development experience

We’ve delivered Custom Cloud solutions on Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, Stackable, Edgecast and Rackspace Infrastructures.

Amazon Cloud Development

Architecting for Cloud requires a different approach of looking at the technicalities and business requirements. Cloud pushes you to think for Auto-Scaling of servers based on demand, Scaling of Databases through Data Federation & Sharding, Use of Non-relational NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB and HBase, High availability via Fault tolerance (running multiple web servers behind Load Balancing & performing Database Replications), Use of central file storage, Content Delivery Networks etc.

On Cloud we’ve delivered Software as a Service Applications, E-commerce, Social Networking, Mobile Digital Advertising, Consumer Mobile Apps and any application in which users and traffic could grow at unpredictable volume, we’ve used cloud infrastructure in such scenarios.