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Amazon AWS

Amazon is best known for its web retailing business, but there are also a few other areas where they excel. Cloud computing is one of them. Amazon AWS is a web ready tool kit to help take your business in to the cloud, without the need to start from scratch.

Amazon ec2 Development

Rackspace Cloud

To successfully launch your business in to the cloud, the most important thing you need is a reliable server. Rackspace Cloud provides various server options based on your corporate needs. We can help to determine exactly what your requirements are. We can also take over all aspects of server management and maintenance to save you time and resources.

Since 2005, Elan technologies provides Amazon web services from small-Mid to fortune 500 companies helping them create a platform in the cloud. At Elan, we understand that Rackspace cloud computing is reliable, secure and affordable and so we provide Amazon web services that helps your business grow.
Amazon Web Services is reporting more efficient service and get interface with configure capacity of users to compute in the cloud. Amazon ec2 Developers provide control of your computing resources in every phase and successfully build Amazon ec2 Development.

Server Options

From single server solutions through to an entire server rack, we’ve got you covered. Cloud computing has never been easier thank to Elan Technologies and our capable IT management team.

Why Cloud?

Cloud computing is probably the most modern use for the Internet these days. it provides cost efficiency, greater productivity, reliability, stability, and plenty of other things ending in “ty” – which is always a good thing.