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PhoneGap Mobile Application Development

PhoneGap App Development has clearly made its mark in the domain of cross platform mobile app development with just 5 years of its introduction. Adobe acquired the makers of PhoneGap in just 2 years after it was introduced. That itself proved that PhoneGap is a strong choice in cross-platform app development. These days it is very important that your app is available on all major mobile platforms and offers a uniform experience to the users.

Why Develop Your PhoneGap App at Elan?

Cross platform mobile application development using PhoneGap is in its early stages. It can’t be used for any app being developed in native platform. But there are several popular types of apps that, if developed using PhoneGap, can be extremely rewarding in so many areas. Here are some widely used categories of apps on which our developers have worked on:

  • Camera based apps, capturing images and using them in the app.
  • Apps fetching and using Contacts from the device.
  • File management apps, dealing with different files in the app.
  • Geo-location based apps focused around the user’s current location.
  • Apps using local storage offered by the device and apps consuming internet data.

Using the features mentioned above, we can build apps for several segments and several different industries. Our team of PhoneGap developers has successfully undertaken PhoneGap Development and have built apps for various different segments including:

  • Custom made business management apps.
  • Healthcare based apps.
  • Educational and tutorial apps.
  • Travel guide and directory apps.
  • Social networking apps.
  • Entertainment apps.
  • Lifestyle apps.
  • Personal assistance apps.
  • File management apps.
  • Media management apps.

All these apps have helped our clients in getting apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry quickly and at competitive prices compared to their native development.

Advantages of selecting PhoneGap


The community of developers and the support offered by PhoneGap’s developer website is really wonderful. It gets updated regularly and thus if anything new comes up in the field of mobile development, PhoneGap quickly adapts it and offers its solution in PhoneGap – thus giving an uncompromising mobile development experience.


Since we have a robust community of developers and a superb tech support offered by PhoneGap itself, there are numerous resources available readily for the developer to get started quickly. Having wonderful resource material by your side helps in a lot of ways in getting the project developed quickly.

PhoneGap Build

Also, with the introduction of PhoneGap Build, PhoneGap Application Development has become even more interesting. This lets the PhoneGap developers focus just on the mobile app at hand. PhoneGap compiles the build in the cloud and provides you the native builds for different platforms directly saving you from all the worry of managing different SDKs.
PhoneGap development can get you and your company a wonderful mobile application quickly across different platforms. Get in touch with us to get a free quote for your PhoneGap mobile app.