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Facebook Application Development

King of the Facebook Mountain

There are literally hundreds of thousands of games for people to play these days – with many of these made available through sites such as Facebook. Recently passing the 500 million user mark, Facebook is one of the best places to launch a new gaming idea for the highest chances of widespread success.

facebook application developers

Gaming on the Go

Another exciting medium for delivering games is through the mobile phone. In this way, users can take your games with them wherever they go – and therefore utilize your entertainment potential at any time during the day.

At Elan we acquire the attention of Social Network Gaming! If you are someone looking for a facebook game development team then we can help you. Our team of facebook game developers have experience and expertise in both facebook and mobile game development.

Online Connectivity

If Facebook is your chosen gaming portal, it might be worth looking at ways to make a game connect with the outside world (outside Facebook that it). Facebook applications backed up with websites and support forums are the most likely to succeed according to current market statistics.

Pay for Play

No doubt you’ve heard of the likes of ‘Farmville’ and ‘Mafia Wars’ – which have generated millions of dollars in revenue for their creators. If you’re looking to tap in to this market, we can incorporate payment features and mechanisms seamlessly in to your game from the very beginning.