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Planning for Success in Social Media

Planning is the first (and arguably most important) key pillar for social media. Without planning, there’s no way of knowing how the social community will receive your project. Our planning phase is comprehensive and is designed to ensure maximum success of your final product.

First Class Development and Execution

Whether you’re looking to integrate a social media feature in to a piece of software, or whether you’re looking to create an entire private social network from scratch – we are here to help. Our first class design team knows exactly what it takes to build a social solution from the ground – up.

Considered as leaders in online marketing, Elan technologies is a mobile, web and social network development company offering various outsourcing solutions to clients globally. We have more than 5 years of experience in Web 2.0 solutions and have a track record of creating niche online communities.


There are many reasons why you might want to incorporate a social media facility or feature in to existing software. We can complete this integration with minimum impact on the functioning of your preexisting application.

Site Variety

There are plenty of existing social networking sites – from Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, through to the more “niche” based sites such as Hi5, Orkut, and OpenSocial. We work with all of these platforms, and can develop and integrate in a cross-platform manner if necessary.