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The Social Revolution

Having a proper social presence today, be it corporate, personal or professional, has become a matter of prime importance. Social media, comprising of popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. has successfully taken the place of conventional marketing and advertising. This has led to a complete change in the attitude of the companies all over the world. People have started looking towards social media application development and have become more keen than ever regarding getting the social impression right.

Companies have developed a more social and friendly approach. They keep sharing material with their customers and fans across different networks and platforms. It helps them keep the buzz alive and keeps the conversation going on. This buzz is a vital component that converts into sales when the companies launch a new product or a new service. It helps them get a loyal fan base that promises of being a long-term customer. Thus, to get this buzz generated and get it viral, companies need a good social media software development service

company to help them crack this area.

This phenomenon has also led to a new notion being widely adapted in the new software applications that are being developed lately. The notion of having good social connectivity and social presence is something that everyone looks up to. Even if it is a simple mobile application for taking notes and setting up reminders, the makers wish to have a social approach to it making it easier for users interact with one another easily, which in turn helps more and more users to come and join their service.

Development of Social Media Applications at Elan

Elan has understood this trend very early on and has caught up with the wave. We’ve cultivated a range of services that helps our clients in getting the desired social presence that they aim to achieve with their products. Our custom social media app development service focuses on the client’s requirements and based on that we design a solution exclusively as per that. Here are some social networking solutions offered by Elan:

  • Social networking based mobile apps.
  • Web sites offering socially interactive services.
  • Fully customized, full scale social networks.
  • Messaging, chatting & conferencing tools.
  • API integrations for popular social networks.
  • Social networking widgets for web apps.
  • Social bookmarking tools.
  • Community based, forums based tools.
  • Social media presence consulting.
  • Blog creation, social network marketing.

The Advantages Of Going Social With Elan

Though the different teams at Elan work in different domains they all are on the same page with the importance of a good social front in a software application. Thus, having a brilliant social networking application development team like us by your side makes a major difference. Our expertise and our resources are at your disposal to get you the best results on the social media front. We can help you in designing and developing apps and websites that are socially prompt and offer great many advantages like:

  • Better user engagement with the core product.
  • Better CRM opportunities.
  • Positive and earnest social reputation.
  • Building a synergistic community around your business.
  • In-depth knowledge management and analytics.
  • Increased sales and potential leads.

Get in touch with our representative today and ask us how can we make your product more socially upfront and help it grow quickly.