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Emerging Technologies

Api Design

Sleek, Modern Design

Market research proves that simple, sleek and modern designs work best for computer users – regardless of the application being run. Elan Technologies can specifically build a user interface to work with existing code – or we can refresh your current interface with a more functional design.

Website Design Company

Interactivity & Animation

We understand the importance of user interaction. Without it, an application could quickly be deemed “boring” by users. Incorporating interactive features and even adding the odd animation tweak could very well set your application apart from the competition.

At elan technologies we are a user interface API design company that is into web page design and developing mobile application, too. We have a proven reputation and more than 5 years of experience in GUI research and solutions.


There is a major difference between a program which looks “nice” and a program which you can use easily. The goal of any User Interface designer should be to strike the perfect balance between aesthetic pleasure and usability.

GUI Research

Not sure how advanced you think your application should look? Unsure of the balance between visible features and those directly in view? Allow us to formulate the perfect plan through GUI research.