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Attention to Detail

Consumers appreciate software applications which work – right off the bat. However, to ensure that your program works straight out of the box, you need to dedicate time and effort to refining the user interface and underlying code. We can help by recommending changes, improvements, and upgrades.

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Exceeding All Expectations

There’s nothing better than that “value for money” feeling you get when buying something new. Hence – why not offer the consumer more than they bargained for, in the form of exceptional reliability and stability. We can’t determine your pricing, but we can work to promote the latter factors.

At Elan we are an independent software quality testing service providers that has been around for more than 5 years. We aim to deliver software quality assurance along with best software testing services.

Quick Kill

Seeking and destroying coding bugs is our speciality. Regardless of how good the programmers are – bugs and errors can still creep in to your finished product, if no quality testing takes place.

Package Inclusions

Obviously, if we design and code your next software application, we’ll run it through our strict 8 stage quality assurance process for free!