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Constant Evolution

No two days are the same in social media. New content is added, new features are released, and new ideas are formed every single minute. That’s why here at Elan Technologies, we stay on the very brink of social media world, grasping new opportunities as they arise and ensuring our clients receive the most up to date website advice.

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Real Users, Ultra-Targeted Traffic

Unlike SEM, Social Media Optimization and Marketing takes “targeted traffic” to a whole new level. Users of sites such as Facebook and Youtube are often highly capable, technically knowledgeable people – with an ability to distinguish between content and advertising. This can work in your favour – providing ultra-targeted, incredibly relevant website traffic.

We, at Elan technologies are a leading Viral marketing and SMO company US who have mastered in the field of Social Media Optimization (SMO). Being a social media optimization company, we are a proud to have a team of SMO experts who provide quality SMO services to our clients.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Advertising on Facebook arguably has even more potential than advertising on Google. We can target your campaign to any demographic, psychographic, and personality based marketing model in existence.

Social Media Integration

Now that social media sites are so popular, mainstream websites are integrating their own pages with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. If you’re looking to take advantage of this connectivity, Elan Technologies can certainly help you out.