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Pay Per Click Management Service

Short Term SEM Campaigns

If you’re looking to run a single, one time Internet advertising campaign, it’s important that you get it right. Elan Technologies can help you to choose the perfect keywords, write the perfect ad, and spend exactly the right amount to get high quality traffic to your site.

PPC Services

Long Term SEM Campaigns

If your previous SEM campaigns successfully increased sales, why not run them all over again? Whether you’re a return customer, or simply looking to have your entire Internet marketing operation managed by our experts, Elan Technologies is here to help.

At Elan, we are also a PPC compaign management company having PPC experts that are highly skilled and experienced. With years of experts our SEM experts can easily analyze your marketing goals and come up with a strategy that can meet your budget and needs.

Keyword Selection

Choosing the right keywords is arguably the most important part of Internet marketing. Should you select “Plumber New York” or “New York Plumber”? We can find the answer.

Cost Minimization

A single click could cost you between $0.01 and $15.00. How much should you pay? We can give you an accurate estimate based on current market data and trends.