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Emerging Technologies

Elan Emerging Technologies is now E2LOGY

Why E2LOGY? Because E2logy is a true reflection of who we are and what we do today: An agile custom software development company, which is at the cutting edge of Web and Mobile applications development. Moreover, we are offering two new services based on customer demand: i) Cloud support ii) Business Analytics.

EE = E2 is an acronym for “Elan Emerging”. Our new name is derived from our original name -We didn’t want to really lose how we have been known till date.

The “Two Es” also represent “Enterprises & Entrepreneurs” – E2LOGY is a company that provides Technology Services for both Enterprises & Entrepreneurs.
Please not that we have not been acquired or merged with anyone or gone public! Company is still owned by same management and same people work here…we’ll just have a shorter name and email addresses going forward!!!