Today billions of people are using browsers on their mobile phones or tablets, to find information about businesses, buy goods and services, and simply surfing the web. Your website needs to be mobile friendly. With a right user interface and an attractive design that suits your need and desire, we can provide a great experience for the potential customer or user.

Mobile devices have a limited screen size and therefore a good content strategy will make all the difference. Depending on your requirements you can opt for an Adaptive Mobile Website, a Dedicated Mobile Website or a highly interactive Web App. An Adaptive Website uses CSS media queries to adjust to the browser size or the device using the site. It only changes the layout of the site.

The plus point of an adaptive website is that it is the same website that is viewed across all computing devices, without a need for any redirection. So you have to maintain just one site. However the downside is that the content not displayed on the mobile screen is actually present (only hidden) thereby making the site heavier to load. In comparison is a Dedicated Mobile Website where we build the site from the ground up, thereby loading the content that we want the mobile or tablet users to view. A dedicated website has a different URL and is redirected through the main site by using a mobile detection script.

However the technologies used to develop either Adaptive or Dedicated Sites are primarily the same. Since the Adaptive site adapts itself to its environment there are some layout restrictions that can’t be avoided. However, if you need advanced structural elements, better user experience, better animation, offline storage to save data on client side, and, Geo location features, then you can opt for a Mobile Web Application.

A Mobile Web Application is more comparable to a native application than a Mobile Website. But when compared with a native application it still has many limitations, though a positive kick is that the same application works across all platforms and you don’t have to face the complications involved in uploading your application to the markets. The choice amongst these is more about what you want your user to feel and experience which moreover depends on your purpose for moving to internet.